Our CEO has done extensive reading since her son was diagnosed with autism more than ten years ago. It is impossible to include all the studies, research and articles she has consumed.

We have included a few references from reputable organizations below, mainly as they relate to our overall message, mission and goals.

Parent Herald – Children Will Learn Faster on iPads

Department of Human Development,

Cornell University

Kennedy Krieger Institute

US National Library of Medicine –                National Institutes of Health

LENA Research Foundation

JAMF Software

Autism Speaks

Disability Benefit Guide in the U.K.


Resources for Parents

The internet has helped our CEO locate invaluable material and organizations. She shares a few of them here.

Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Society of the San Francisco Bay Area

Autism Speaks


American Speech and Hearing Association


California Association for Applied Behavior Analysis


Association for Science in Autism Treatment

The Simple Dollar

Mental Health & Autism Health Insurance Project


Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Apps for Autism

Autism Resources

Autism Society

San Francisco

Asperger Works Inc.

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